Your Digital Signage Expert



18+ years at Scala...defining Digital Signage

For 18+ years, I was employed by Scala, Inc. the world's leading software provider for digital signage.  I started out as head of R&D taking an excellent multimedia product from the Amiga (way ahead of it's time!) and bringing that to the PC.  We launched that in 1995 and by 2000 I was named President and CEO. 


I created Scala's first SaaS offering in 2011 and was named President of SignChannel, a new low cost, easy to use "cloud" based digital signage service.  It's a game changer of a product, and I'm quite proud of our accomplishments.  Check out the 2 minute video on the SignChannel home page 


Definitive Industry Expert

 I often speak at industry events, and have authored many white papers and magazine articles on digital signage.   I co-authored the 4th and 5th Edition of the Marketing at-Retail Book published by POPAI. (Now called the Shop Association)...a definitive reference for anyone in the retail deploying digital signage. 

 I'm a closet graphics designer that knows hardware, software, sales and marketing, I can speak to engineers in their language and translate that in simple terms to mere mortals.  I know how to motivate people and get a job done.  And when you put this all together, I understand how to make a business fly.  That's what I can do for you. 


Mr. Amiga 500

 From 1984 to 1994 I worked for Commodore International.  My most famous contribution there was heading R&D and the development of the Amiga 500.  This product saved Commodore from bankruptcy (at least for a few years).  We sold over 4 million of those babies!

Prior to that, I worked at Bell Labs and Eastman Kodak.  Both amazing companies in their days.  I have a BSEE from Purdue and an MSEE from the University of Illinois. 

I'm an avid golfer, run in Spartan Races and am "all-in" for CrossFit competitions.  I'm the 5th fittest M60+ athlete in Pennsylvania!!

Oh...and did I mention that I also sing baritone in a barbershop quartet?