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Since 1994 I've been employed by Scala, Inc. the world's leading software provider for digital signage.  Heck, we didn't even call it "digital signage" back then.  It was just 1200 baud dial up modems and TV sets!  I started out as head of R&D taking an excellent multimedia product from the Amiga (way ahead of it's time!) and bringing that to the PC.  We launched that in 1995 and our business started to grow.  By 2000 I was named President and CEO with the introduction of InfoChannel 3.  Our business grew again and Gerard Bucas became CEO and I became Executive Vice President to focus on the business development.  Most recently, I was named President of SignChannel, a new low cost, easy to use "cloud" based digital signage service.  It's a game changer of a product, and I'm quite proud of our accomplishments.  Check out the 2 minute video on the SignChannel home page (I wrote the script!). I often speak at industry events, and have authored many white papers on the Scala website. My most recent work is the 4th Edition of the Marketing at-Retail Book published by POPAI.  I wrote the chapter on digital signage at retail...a definitive reference for anyone in the retail business thinking of getting into digital signage.  The 4th edition is expected to be available later this year.

From 1984 to 1994 I was employed by Commodore International.  My most famous contribution there was again heading R&D in the development of the Amiga 500.  This product saved Commodore from bankruptcy (at least for a few years).  We sold over 4 million of those babies!  Gotta love it.

Prior to that, I worked at Bell Labs and Eastman Kodak.  Both amazing companies in their days.  I have a BSEE from Purdue and an MSEE from the University of Illinois.  I have three amazing kids and live in suburban Philadelphia. I sing in a Barbershop Chorus and two quartets (a Capella) and love to play golf.

I'm a closet graphics designer that knows hardware, software, sales and marketing, I can speak to engineers in their language and translate that in simple terms to mere mortals.  I know how to motivate people and get a job done.  And when you put this all together, I understand how to make a business fly.  That's what I can do for you.

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